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Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Nelson Mandela - leaders who have led great nations and people through some of the most difficult tragedies with strength, compassion, and heart. That even decades later, these great leaders are admired and respected. And though each faced momentous challenges, their leadership seemed effortless, steadfast, unwavering, and heart-centered.


These leaders weren’t just great. They were great people who understood their power within their Divine Neuro Acuity.™ They didn’t listen to their outside worlds. They connected with their Divine inside world.

The great thing is that this legendary leadership insight of Divine Neuro Acuity™ is at your fingertips too. Yes, you can learn how to tap into your Divine Neuro Acuity™- aka your D.N.A. and lead your teams (big or small) through anything. All you need to do is understand, connect, and find your flow in your Divine Neuro Acuity™.


In Divine Neuro Acuity™: Returning Leadership To Humanity, Holly Dowling brings you this leadership-changing message. In a day and age where inclusion, diversity, transparency, and holistic leadership are sought after in large organizations - mastering Divine Neuro Acuity™brings about these characteristics organically to your organization.


Blending the latest in neuroscience, neuropsychology, and quotient knowledge (IQ, EQ, and SQ) with personal development and action-focused solution helps everyone discover the authentic leadership style within themselves.


Divine Neuro Acuity

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