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Sales. Let’s be honest, no one really “LOVES” the idea of selling or being sold. Both sides to the modern-day selling story are filled with toxicity, manipulation, and examples of what we don’t want to be.


But what if all the sales tactics we’ve learned were a lie? What if they were designed to make you struggle, intentionally create feelings of manipulation, and breed the toxic patriarchal vibes that no one likes?


Well, it does and that is precisely what it is designed to do.

Yet, that is the last thing sales experience was ever supposed to be.


From selling to being sold, the sales process was and is part of humanity. And when you understand the truth of who you really are - rid yourself of the toxic training and social stories you can create a relational sales experience. Allowing you to engage, connect, transform, and, yes, get the transaction in a genuinely win-win way.


Sales Equity

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