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Who We Are

Notoriety® Publishing is a boutique, indie publishing house dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs to leverage their stories to create the success-driven and transformational platforms they desire.

We are dedicated to spreading the heartfelt messages of women worldwide. Our female-centric line of authors “talk” about everything from business to life.

But no matter if you are the female-centered author or entrepreneurial-focused, our holistic approach isn’t just about getting your story out there. It is about getting your story out there in a way that maximizes the impact on the reader as well as your personal brand.


Who We Are Not

We are not a vanity press just putting any message you desire out there. We are your publishing partner, helping you craft the perfect book for your brand, a message with meaning, and work you will always be proud of. We are your partner from the strategy through the sales. We don’t just focus on great words. We care about your brand, marketing, media, and the entire experience for you and your audience.

We believe that words can change the world.

Let's Chat

If you are ready to turn your passion into a powerful book and are looking for a publishing house that supports you, your brand, and your overall message - then let's chat. 

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